The Founder

Rachel Politidi is a young and talented designer, working in the fashion industry, and more specifically in the field of handmade shoes. Born in Greece to a Russian mother and a Greek father, she is a mixture of beauty and creativity.

After completing her studies in the field of Business Administration, she continued with her true love, the design and the manufacture of handmade shoes. In 2013 she attended the Shoe Design School of Apostolos Kouloumasis, where she was taught shoe design and making(construction).

For the last 7 years, she has been exclusively engaged in the manufacture of custom-made shoes, creating special and original designs, showing her intense love for animal prints and the special combinations of leathers, colors as well as for a variety of other materials. The leathers are Greek and Italian, providing high quality in every creation.

Her talent was also recognized by famous Greek celebrities such as Nikos Vertis and Konstantinos Argyros who have worn her creations.

In addition to the custom-made orders she manufactures, a series of Prêt-à-Porter

creations is already available at her store on 19-21 Chaimanda Street, Halandri.

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